Using boilerplates to speed up product UI development (with open sourced templates)

Product UI/UX Design Boilerplate
  1. Time savings: you won’t spend precious time doing repetitive work. Instead you begin solving the unique problem quicker.
  2. Quality: because the boilerplate acts as a foundation and scaffold that you build upon, it creates standards for the output. Ideally, your boilerplate should be battle tested and have best practices baked in which you can efficiently port between projects.

A few things to bear in mind:

Bonus (personal boilerplates)

  1. React (SPA): packages react-router for routing, chakra UI for themeable UI components, redux, create-react-app.
  2. React (Static website): next.js, server side rendering, chakra UI for themeable UI.
  3. UI design (Figma): accessibility, information architecture, component library, common web & mobile pages.




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Odafe Aror

Odafe Aror

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