Proposal to curb fake news on social media in Nigeria

What to do…

In the face of all that’s happening, and the news that’s being shared on social media. It’s easy to feel powerless. To feel like there’s absolutely nothing that I as an individual can do about this.

The Problem

If you go on Twitter today (21, October 2020) you’ll be bombarded with photos and videos of shootings, lootings and it’s difficult to figure out:

  1. Context: What exactly is happening?
  2. Trust: Can I trust this bit of information?
  3. Verification: Where/How do I verify what this bit of news/media?

My Proposal

The solution that’s most obvious to me is to crowdsource the gathering, corroboration of news similar to how it currently happens on social media.

  1. Mass adoption of evidence or news (the more people that corroborate, the higher the likelihood that it’s true)
  2. Posters can only interact with their social media platforms older than a certain date. To prevent fake accounts and spamming
  1. Provide source of verified news that regular people can have confidence in
  2. Make it impossible/difficult for governments and whatever powers that be to suppress certain news
  3. Ultimately, serve as evidence that can be admissible in court and used for defense and or prosecution.
  4. Get people heard who don’t have large followings on social media.

Resources and Ongoing Research…



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