Procrastinate like a boss

2 min readMar 21, 2019


Notes on making the least of your time.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

This is parody. Rather than say how not to procrastinate, I’ve identified some of the ways I’ve become very good at avoiding work I ought to do.


The one-less-than rule

It’s simple, do the next easiest thing instead of what you ought to do. Do you have to study? Maybe start with looking for youtube videos that make them easier, then switch to funny videos etc.

Tasks have varying difficulties, generally, you can rank them based on the amount of energy required to act.

Is there a presentation due in one week? There’s “research” that must be done. Read the most up to date techniques on delivering masterful presentations.

Exercise? Get the latest sports gear. They should all match, THEN, learn the latest techniques on stretching, plyometrics, kinesthetics, recovery, diet.

If you do this right, it could take any time from one weekend to two weeks or even two years.

After that, you may be ready. Or, you could stop there satisfied with your intentions to put your life in order.

Always check the time

To do the right thing the right way, takes time. How much time? One can’t be too sure, but most probably “too long”, so prepare till you have that amount of time cleared up in your schedule. You don’t do sloppy. Never! That’s why you want to give that project the uninterrupted time it deserves.

Make sure to take courses, buy all the books (you don’t have to read all of them). At the end of your learning, you’ll probably be convinced that it’s too difficult for you to handle.

Getting the motions right

Descartes was onto something. I think, therefore I am. If you think you’re thinking, do you think you are?

These techniques focus on “the motions” rather than “the action”. Said differently, getting prepared to act is important, but shouldn’t be confused with the act.

Some have mastered these techniques, they’re like fish in water. Maybe you’re that person. *bow* you’re the Master Procrastinator.