Pace yourself. Life is a pot of beans

Last week I learned about innovation as execution, as a combo of curiosity & relentlessness as leading change. Also, data analytics and modeling. Individually, they were interesting, together they gave me this light bulb moment:

real life happens in real time.

Stories of success (unintentionally) gives the assumption that the characters knew that they were in a significant moment. That they should pay attention NOW and act in a manner that guarantees success.

I wonder about people who didn’t recognize the winds of radical change that was sweeping through.

As I explore design the amount of uncharted knowledge is astounding. This forces me into either freeze, fight or flight.

Freeze: Stay really still, do what has always been working, don’t dabble into new areas.

Fight: Go commando, engaging each new thing with ferocity.

Flight: Hightail outta there.

In those moments, I worry, is this that significant moment described in all the success stories and case studies? Am I missing something? Can I do X better? Which moments/actions do I focus on? Which do I ignore?

How do I know? How do I know know??

I don’t think it’s possible to know(the future). But, there are close substitutes.

Life is a pot of beans. Enjoy it.



Product design freestyles and commentary on being a creator.

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